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Toy Safety Standards

What are Safety Standards and Toy Safety Standards ? Give examples.

Why are they important?

Who sets them? Who do they affect?

When should we as designers consider them? Why?

How can check a toy products safety

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    Toy Safety Standards:

    Toy safety is the practice of ensuring that toys, especially those made for children, are safe, usually through the application of set safety standards.

    In many countries, commercial toys must be able to pass safety tests in

    order to be sold. In the U.S., some toys must meet national standards,

    while other toys may not have to meet a defined safety standard. In

    countries where standards exist, they exist in order to prevent

    accidents, but there have still been some high-profile product recalls

    after such problems have occurred. The danger is often not due to

    faulty design; usage and chance both play a role in injury and death

    incidents as well.[1]Potential hazards



    Small toys may be swallowed by children, such as this electronic button seen in the stomach. Toys stuck in the esophagus or too large to pass through the stomach may need to be removed with endoscopes.

    Common scenarios include:

    Choking or aspiration of small partsStrangulationCuts by sharp parts of the toyInjury by projectilesDrowningMotor vehicle incidents involving toysLead Paint

  • 1 十年前

    Please check below website,The Hong Kong Toy Council organized, for toys grade standard.

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