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    Helen Adams Keller


    When Helen Adams Keller was nineteen months old, she fell ill. Thus became both blind and deaf.

    By the assistance and training of Anne Sullivan and Michael Anagnos, a "miracle" occurred that she graduated from Radcliffe College who was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Afterwards, she contributed her life in the public works until she died peacefully in her sleep.

    We could find many vitality and meaningful essays even her legacy in Helen's books. Her first book "The Story of My Life" which was published in 1903. The others just like"The World I Live In", "Out of the Dark "(1913),"Teacher", "The Unconquered " and "To Love This Life ".

    Helen's legacy:

    "The public must learn that the blind man is neither genius nor a freak nor an idiot. He has a mind that can be educated, a hand which can be trained, ambitions which it is right for him to strive to realise, and it is the duty of the public to help him make the best of himself so that he can win light through work."


    Book Name : To Love This Life:

    By Helen Keller


    To Love This Life is a beautiful and moving souvenir of one of the world's most admired women. This memorable collection of quotations from Helen Keller brings words of wisdom, courage, and inspiration from a remarkable individual who above all wanted to make a difference in the lives of her fellow men and women. The thoughts captured here--many from previously unpublished letters and speeches--offer profound statements on the meaning of being human and on life in all its complexity.


    "To Love This Life is an inspirational treasure. Keller possessed a thoughtful, soaring intellect, courage, a sense of a changing future, a love of travel, a giant writing talent, and a willingness to accept challenges. She was an inspiration to everyone who knew her and an inspiration to those who read her works. "To Love This Life" shows us all of these qualities and more."


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