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    The following is a complete list of the subjects in the curriculum of BSc (Hon) in Mechanical Engineering offered by the HK Polytechnic University. It serves as a useful reference for your question.

    Compulsory subjects:

    Foundation Mathematics

    Mathematics I

    Mathematics II

    ELC2501 University English I

    ELC2502 University English II

    English for Effective Workplace Communication I

    Information Technology

    Engineering Science

    Computer Programming

    Basic Electricity and Electronics I

    Engineering Project

    Engineering Management

    Society and the Engineer

    Engineering and the Environment

    Dynamics and Vibrations

    Linear Systems and Control

    Design and Manufacturing I

    Design and Manufacturing II

    Applied Mechanics

    Engineering Materials

    Mechanics of Solids

    Engineering Thermodynamics

    Fluid Mechanics

    Project – Design Realization

    Numerical Methods

    Capstone Project – Group based

    Advanced Numerical Methods for Engineers

    Elective Subjects:

    Manufacturing and Prototyping

    Advanced Materials for Design and Technology

    Computer-Aided Technology for Design

    Development of Green Products

    Industrial Automation

    Environmental Degradation of Materials

    Automatic Control Systems

    Engineering Composites

    Environmental Noise

    Noise Abatement and Control

    Principles of Sound and Vibration

    Engine Technology

    Air Conditioning for Indoor Thermal and Environmental Quality

    Heat and Mass Transfer

    Fluids Engineering

    Combustion and Pollution Control

    Aircraft Systems

    Aviation Systems

    Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

    Training Subjects:

    Continuous Professional Development

    Engineering Communication and Fundamentals

    Appreciation of Manufacturing Processes

    Integrated Manufacturing Projects

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    中學必須讀英文, 物理, 數學, 最好有 A Maths. F.6/7 Pure Maths, Physics, Applied Maths.

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    就係要讀機械工程mechanical engineering一科。