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Minority language

Should we protect Minority language in a multi-cultural country?

in english please

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    Should we protect Minority language in a multi-cultural country?

    A minority language is a language

    spoken by a minority of the population

    of a territory. Such people are termed linguistic minorities or

    language minorities.

    In a multi-cultural country, minority languages should be protected to preserve the minority cultures and their people because politically they are disadvantaged in the following ways:

    Minority languages are occasionally marginalised within nations.There are smaller number and

    decline in the number of speakers of the minority languages. Occasionally they are considered as

    uncultured, primitive, or simple dialects when compared to the dominant

    language.They are also occasionally viewed as a threat; for example

    are viewed by some to be support for separatism, thus as a threat to

    the political establishment. Immigrant minority languages are often also

    seen as a threat and as indicative of the non-integration of these

    communities. Both of

    these perceived threats are based on the notion of the exclusion of the

    majority language speakers. Often this is added to by political systems

    by not providing support (such as education and policing) in these


    資料來源: wikipedia
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