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? 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

english hw ,help me please

You are May Wong .You work for Mr Conllins,a

businessman,as his secretary Mr.Conllins is going to ask you to draft a letter for him.Read the information carefully and write the letter .

1.Things to include in the letter to Mr Robinson:

-20 cases of Australian Red Write he ordered a week ago out of stock.

-Due to circumstances outside our control.

-Sorry that earliest shipment wonot arrive in Hong kong until 13 December.

-Ask him to try our Spanish Red Wine,they as good as the Australia Red Wine.

-Give 20% discount if he takes them.


-Ask him to clear the outstanding balance of $30,000 as soon as possible.

更新 2:

2.Name Card of Mr Robinson

Swan's Restaurant

12 Robinson Road,Mid Levels,Hong Kong


Jack Robinson

Restaurant Manger

更新 3:

Write the letter using an an appropriate formant and tone.Use today's date as the date of the letter.

更新 4:

The negative tone you can use

We are sorry that

we apologize for


We regret

I apologize

更新 5:

if you help me write the letter then i can give you 20 marks,but you didnot,sorry i cannot give you any marks.

更新 6:

cwc2002319 :your answer is no about the hw. :Please donot answer that.

更新 7:

hkslot:you forgot write the date in the letter.

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  • hkslot
    Lv 6
    1 十年前

    Jack Robinson

    The Restaurant Manger

    Swan's Restaurant

    12 Robinson Road,

    Mid Levels, Hong Kong

    Re: Australian Red Wines are out of stock

    Dear Mr. Robinson,

    We are sorry to inform you that the 20 boxes of Australian Red Wine you have ordered a week ago are currently out of stock. And unfortunately we have also found that, due to the reason out of our control, the earliest shipment of this wine to Hong Kong will be 13 December 2010. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    Meanwhile, we would like to recommend you our selected Spanish Red Wine, which is very close to the Australian Red Wine in terms of quality and taste. If you could try this new wine and take this offer, we are more than happy to provide you an exclusive 20% discount for this trade.

    For further information, kindly contact my secretary May Wong at 1234 5678.

    Yours sincerely


    XXX Trading Company Limited

    P.S. It would be very grateful if you can settle the outstanding balance of $30,000 at your earliest convenience.

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  • 匿名
    1 十年前



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