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? 發問於 教育及參考書教學 · 1 十年前





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  • 1 十年前


    Hiking is really a healthy activity. Last Friday, I went hiking with my friends. We had an unforgettable experience!

    When we walked pass a small path during hiking, we heard some strange noise ‘Miao!’ It seemed to be noise of an animal. We searched for the origin of sound. However, we discovered nothing. When we decide to go forward, a kitten walked and stood at the middle of the path. Poor kitten! It was hurt! We then decide to put off hiking and bring it to the vet.

    Although we didn’t finished the whole route and didn’t reach the destination, we still had a great day!

    資料來源: myself=]
  • 1 十年前

    today,i go to hidking with my classmates and teacher.i can,t sleep in night because i was so happy.when i went to school,i was see many classmates sit in the playground.we were went to the tower,i was so happy.we were bring many food to there ate.i was playing badmaton with my friend in there.when we were went back to school,i was so unhappy,because i can,t played in there longtime.

    hope can help you!!i don,t know it was 120.maybe is 100!