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唔知有無人去過GYLC既conference呢?(US Washington嗰個)






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    I've been to GYLC 8 years ago. Basically it's a study tour . It will be very fun only if you can communicate well with English . Below are some information during my stay:


    Over 50% are North Americans, the rest are from Middle East, Europe (mainly UK) and a little bit from China, HK, Taiwan and Japan (minority only). These people are usually top performers with high SAT/IB scores and will probably go to ivy league colleges. Would be great if you can befriend with some during your stay. Try not to just stick to some chinese/cantonese speaking candidate or else it would be a waste of time and money.


    You will be living in Georgetown University in Washington DC. Accomodation is not bad (not really good though!) and is basically a dormitory. You will share your room with another participant of the same sex (no hope...)


    The theme of the whole GYLC is about developing global leaders. That said, you will be in a simulation, representing a country (not necessary you own country, at that time I was playing RUSSIA) and to discuss and negotiate some global issues with other "countries" (e.g., treaty against nuclear proliferation) in a mock United Nations. You will have a little bit of classroom discussion, and most of your time will be interactions with other countries in a team of few. Will it be boring? Well it depends on whether you like to discuss these kind of global issues or not...

    Fun time

    You will have some time (indeed a lot of time!) to go sightseeing in some government agencies and some iconic places in DC/Newyork/Philadelphia, such as Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA, not CIA), UN Headquarter, Independence Hall, National Museums "street" in DC, Georgetown, some Embassies etc. These sightseeing accounts for 50% of your usable time during GYLC. Not bad not bad...

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    Highlight - BOAT CRUISE

    On the final night of GYLC, you will have a boat cruise. Remember to bring your best suit/tuxedo/night dress, and most of the guys/girls will be dressing to their fullest on that day.

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    Most people (and you should be able to!) hunt down a few pretty guys/girls and have a wonderful night on the boat (the staff will pretend not seeing anything).

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    If u speak proper English (I mean, MORE than sufficient!), shd be much fun. Though the theme might seem a bit boring to some ppl, the sightseeing n boat cruise shd compensate. Great experience I must say, and remember to bring a lot of memory cards for your D-cam!

    Good Luck!

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