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當presentation遇到打鐘or有d野阻止ge時候, 除左講Sorry for the interruption, let's continue 之外, 我仲可以講d咩?

要結尾我除左講this is the end of our presentation, 我仲可以講d咩tim?

急 pls help!


Sorry for the interruption, let's continue 呢句我地都有用開, 不過先生叫我地唔好再用, 用下其他野wo!

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    Sometimes adding a little humour during a presentation can get the audiance's attention, and break some barrier. When a presentation gets interupted, that is the perfect time to do it. For example, if the interuption is two people fighting or arguing, you might say: " okay, that's just the side show, let's get on with the main one" or, "For your information, those two guys are part of this presentation. They are actors who have been paid to keep you awake, so lets carry on." If the interuption is a school bell, you might say: "okay, to your disappointment, that bell is to signal the end the class next door, and not the end of this presentation, let's continue. ..." . etc.

    At the end of the presentation, it is actually okay to say "this is the end of our presentation", but you could wrap it up by thanking the audiance, and wishing them a safe journey home, or just crack another joke, to help them remember you, and your presentation.

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    One way to start a presentation is to state what the audiance can expect to hear, and perhaps what you would expect from them. Once again, many people start a presentation / speech with a joke, to create a more relaxed atmosphere and thus a more willing audiance..

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    That is really depend on what kind of information you will be presenting. For example, if you are presenting a book, you can either ask your audience questions to start, write a introduction like "The book i am presenting to you is about....." then give you opinion of the book. You can also connect your life experience with the book, etc.

    "Sorry for the interruption, let's continue " is a great sentence to say already. i don't think you need say more things to excuse yourself. Maybe you can say " Excuse" instead of Sorry in the sentence.

    Remember, saying "This is the end of our presentation" is a VERY STUPID way to end your presentation. My science teacher always joked about this sentance by saying " Don't insult me and your intelligent. I am not DEAF." You should end your presentation by making a conclusion about the information you just presented. Just some important points and then you opinions. For example, We can simly save our earth by using less plastic bag, why not? You know, it is not like we will get punished by not using them . Instead, our ecosytem will be protected and less pollution will produce. Let's start saving our earth today!" then you end you presentation

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    做總結,例如:小組討論ge時候可講one of us want to ..........., two of us want to............,I think.....................!