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急 我想問Michael Duckworth 作者簡介..

我想問Michael Duckworth 作者簡介..要係英文...

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    1 十年前

    Michael Duckworth is a teacher and author who has worked in schools in Africa, the Far East, and Europe. He has written a number of successful courses, including several aimed at preparing students for, or leading up to, Cambridge ESOL examinations.

    He is co-author of :



    Proficiency Masterclass

    Matrix Pre-Intermediate with Kathy Gude

    New Success at First Certificate with Kathy Gude and Robert O'Neill,

    He is an author of :

    Grammar and Practice,

    Business Grammar and Practice,

    Voodoo Island in the Oxford Bookworms Library,

    as well as a number of workbooks.