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  • Ryan
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    South Korean scientists has spent 3 years exploiting a new software which can visualize a Korean folktale into 3D. Readers can experience the dragon flying in the sky authentically. The main character in the book can even be bouncing on the mountaintop. Such amazing visual effects can definitely allow readers to increase their interest in reading and everyone will appreciate on it.

    When you turn over a new page from a 3D flip book, green mountains and flocks of birds disappear promptly and afterward houses reveal instead. Everything inside the book will absolutely meet your visual requirements. The protagonist would also travel over mountains and valleys. As long as readers wear the specialized 3D glasses and then view the illustration on the book, not only the 3D images will be emerged but also they can hear the special sound effects as well.

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    South Korean scientists have spent 3 years exploiting...

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    When you turn over a new page from the 3D flip book

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    換個角度看,裡面的陳設映入眼廉 can be translated as:

    From another point of view, stereoscopic graphics from the book come into your sight.

    資料來源: I put so many efforts on the translation.
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    The South Korean scientists have spent 3 years time, researches and develops set of software,

    the South Korean folk tale 3D three-dimensional, the reader may see flies the dragon in the day, in the book the lead also can in the mountain top caper, the visual effect make one acclaim, also therefore promotes the reading pleasure largely.

    But as soon as when the 3D books turn the page, the green and glossy mountain top and bird group vanishing does not see, the next page of houses appeared; Trades an angle to look that, the inside arrangement reflects pleasings to look pleasant inexpensively, in the book lead also can go over hill and dale, so long as the reader puts on specially makes the eyeglasses, is looking at

    in the books picture design, can reappear the 3D phantom, but also hears the sound

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    It is obvious that 001 and 002 had used online translator and their answers are simply not up to the standard. Although 003's answer has room for improvement, including some wrong choice of words and grammatical errors, his/her efforts and helpfulness should be recognized.

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    South Korean scientists have spent three years developing a set of software to

    Korean folk tales 3D three-dimensional, the reader can see that prime-time soaps, characters in the book will jump in the mountaintops, breathtaking visual effects, and therefore greatly enhance the reading pleasure.

    When a 3D flip books, green hills and the birds disappeared, there house the next page; another angle, the inside furnishings greet the eye clean, the protagonist will be over the mountains to the reader as long as the wear on the special glasses to see

    Book, picture book design, it will emerge out of 3D images, but also hear the sound.

    資料來源: me
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  • 1 十年前

    South Korean scientists took three years, has developed a suite of software,

    Korean folk tales 3D stereoscopic, readers can see the Dragon in the day, the protagonist also Hill to jump, visually stunning, and therefore increase reading fun.

    But when 3D books a page turn,green mountains and birds disappeared, the next house appeared; another perspective, the implanted inside furnishings reflect the ICAC, the protagonists may also wear valleys readers as long as special glasses

    Writing this design, on the picture emerges 3D images, and hear the sound.