i want to ask what is the organizational structure of tourism new zealand?

here is the information about the company structure:

Tourism New Zealand is a Crown Entitiy governed by eight Board members who are appointed by the Minister of Tourism. Our executive team, based in Auckland and Wellington, has responsibility for the seven areas (Chief Executive, General Manager Consumer Marketing, General Manager International PR, Manager Strategy and Planning, Manager Trade Marketing, General Manager Corporate Services & General Manager Tourism Development) of the organisation. Offshore, our regional management team oversees trade, public relations and marketing activities of Tourism New Zealand in our international markets.

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    Locally, it is a functional structure for the following reasons.

    - The executive team is based in Auckland and Wellington. It has responsibility for seven different functions of the organisation.

    - Positions of similar expertise are grouped together under each General Manager or Manager.

    Internationally, it is a geographical divisional structure for the following reasons.

    - The executive team oversees the organisation within New Zealand.

    - The regional management team oversees the international markets outside New Zealand


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