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Pros of ban the school uniform

Debate Motion : We should ban the school uniform [Pros]

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  • 1 十年前

    We should ban the school uniform [Pros]

    My teachers and some of my schoolmates believe that it is vital for our school to have our school uniform. However, I think school uniforms are a bad idea for the following reasons.

    First, I think our school uniform is old-fashioned. Also, my grandmother said, "Your school uniform is old-fashioned. It looks like the uniforms in 80's." Therefore I believe that the school uniforms are no longer needed because of the bad design of the uniform.

    Another point is that uniforms discourage students' individuality and creativity. It is dull to see all students of the same school wearing the same uniform. In contrast, it is good to let students wear the clothes that they like. It shows their individuality and creativity. Also, they may be smarter and more beautiful.

    My final point is that school uniforms are not warm enough to wear. In winter, we usually wear more than five clothes! The blazer is so thin that it cannot keep warmth. However, the blazers are very expensive. Also, we look fat when wearing the blazer.

    To conclude, I think school uniforms are not necessary. It is because the uniform is old-fashioned and cannot keep warmth. It also discourages students' creativity and individuality.

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