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    Your school is running a campaign to promote the idea 'Education needs to be more creative'. Students have been invited to propose a programme or an activity which encourages creativity. You have gathered opinions on the idea from your teachers and classmates. Write an article for your school magazine proposing a programme or an activity, explaining its key elements and identifying its benefits. Provide a suitable title for the article.


    Ocean Park has decided to run an essay competition entitled 'Animal Ambassadors'. There are two categories from which the ambassadors can be chosen: domestic pets (such as dogs, cats and tropical fish), and exotic animals category, and with reference to their characteristics and the way that people view them, write an essay explaining why these two animals are suitable to hold the post of 'animal ambassadors'. Provide an appropriate title for your essay.


    Your school has decided to confine all students to the school grounds at lunch time. Students will not be allowed to go home or eat out and may only have lunch supplied by the school caterer. As President of your Students' Association, write a letter to your school principal protesting against the new rule. Provide three reasons why you and your fellow students oppose this plan.


    'Overcrowding can seriously damage the quality of life in a community.' Write an essay discussing this claim with reference to the living conditions of Hong Kongpeople. Provide a suitable title for the essay.

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