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judy 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

中文句子翻譯成英文~(20分) 急急急

1. 問題已解決,(邏輯指令)是互相緊扣,除非S的報告多於70%。

2. 以下所列出的(分類代號),雖然我們單純地表面來看,是不能夠連接與B的記錄表,但以你們的專業角度來看,能否用以下右方所出的(邏輯指令)來套用呢?

3. 直至現在,以我們過往的經驗,有A款,就沒有B款,相反而論,不會兩款共存。

4. 希望仍然可以依從我們的達到預期所要求。

5. 以下的系統板面分類,是我們希望所想要的要求,簡單來說,是不會影響到對方的日常工作,各有各的方式去處理有關的資料。再者,我們上載的資料會較為遲,相對於你出發的D報告。

6. 1%相對99%是相對我們整體利益有利。



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  • 1 十年前

    1. Problems are solved, (logic orders) they are interworked, unless the report S is more than 70%.

    2. The following listed (classification codes), although we simply see from the surface, they are unable to be connected to the B's records table, but as your professional perspective, can we apply the (logic orders) listed on the right side below?

    3. Up to now, as our past experience, if there is pattern A, there is no pattern B, contrary, they are not coexisted.

    4. We still hope to comply to achieve the expecting requirment.

    5. The following listed system board classification is the request that we want to, simply, that do not affect each other's daily work, and way to handle the relative data. Furthermore, we uploaded data are relatively late to issuance of the report D.

    6. 1% to 99% is more advantageous for our overall benefits.


    2010-03-30 11:23:42 補充:


    1. All the logic orders are interlocked. The problem is solved, unless the report of S is more than 70%.

    2010-03-30 11:24:12 補充:

    . As the codes (A,B,C...) listed below, although after examining the surface, we cannot link the record tables of A and B, however, as our professional viewpoint, can the logic orders listed on the right side below be applyed?

    2010-03-30 11:24:42 補充:

    3. As our past experience, if the pattern A is existed, the pattern B is not existed, similarly, they are not coexisted.

    4. Be hoped to be comply with our expected requirement.

    2010-03-30 11:25:05 補充:

    5. The system panel below is basically classifed by us as the clients' requirement, briefy, it is not affected the clients' routine works, each client has each own way to handle (and what) the relevant data. Moreover, we upload the data is later than you issue the report of D.

    2010-03-30 11:25:22 補充:

    6. The result of 1 to 99 is more profitable for all of us.

    資料來源: mkhy
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  • 1 十年前

    全對!請幫忙。Thanks for your kind assistance^^

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  • 1 十年前

    sorry, I can't 100% understand your writing. Please compare the following and rewrite them.


    2. 以下所列出的記錄表代號(A,B,C…),雖然單單從表面看,我們是不能夠連接A與B的記錄表,但以你們的專業角度來看,能否用右下方所出的邏輯指令來套用呢?

    2010-03-30 09:52:19 補充:


    4. 希望可以達到我們預期所要求的。

    5. 下面的系統板面,是我們以客戶的要求為基礎來分類的,簡單來說,是不會影響到客戶的日常工作,客戶們各有各的方式去處理(與什麼)有關的資料。再者,我們上載的資料比你出發的D報告會較為遲。

    6. 1比99的結果對我們整體有利。

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  • 1 十年前

    1. the issue is resolved, (logical order) is closely interwoven, unless S report more than 70%.

    2. the following classification code), (though we simply on the surface, is not able to connect and B records table, but to your professional perspective, with the following right out of the (logical order) to form?

    3. until now, to our past experience, there is A subsection, there is no b, conversely, not two coexist.

    4. hope can still be expected to comply with our requirements.

    5. the following classification of the system board, we hope that you want to request, simply do not affect each other's daily work, the way to deal with the relevant data. Furthermore, we uploaded data are relatively late, relative to the D of the report.

    6.1% relative to 99% relative of our overall interest.

    資料來源: internet
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