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英文詞性是否有一定規律,如PrEp前後一定要用咩咁,咩後面一定一定要是用N Or G等等。請把所有例出。不要CoPy LinK

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    Actually, adjectives, adverb and noun seldom changes. Verb is usually be changed. Verbs can be classified into To-infinitive, Bare infinitives and gerunds.


    (A) To-infinitive (may require an object in some cases)

    Arrange, appear, attempt, aim, allow, advise, ask, afford, agree, anxious, advocate, appoint, addicted, accustom Begin, beg, bother Can't wait, choose, come, call, cause, claim Desire, deserve (+ to be ved), demand, decide Encourage, enable, expect, evade, endear Fail, force, forbid, free, foolish of sb to Get, guarantee Hope Invite, intend, instruct, impossible Learn Happen Manage, mean Need, necessity Offer, order Permit, persuade, pretend, prepare, promise, plan, prove, pay Refuse, remind, remember, request, require, reason Start, seem Tend, Turn out, threaten, tell, teach, try Undertake, urge Want, wish, warn, would like, would love, would prefer, would hate *Question Words

    (B) Gerund (-ing) (may require an object in some cases)

    Admit, appreciate, avoid, acknowledge, anticipate, addicted to, accustom to Busy Can’t help, can’t resist, can’t face, can’t stand, can't bear, carry on, consider, celebrate, come to, contemplate Delay, deny, defer, describe, detest, dispute, dislike, dread, devotes to Enjoy, escape, excuse, explain, endanger, endure Fancy, feel like, finish, find, forgive, forbid, face, far from, foresee, favour Give up Hate, how about, have no trouble/difficulties Imagine, involve, indebted to sb. for, include Justify Keep, keep on Love, like It’s a waste of sth. Mention, mind, miss Oblige Pardon, permit, postpone, practice, prevent, prefer, put off, prohibit, professed, propose Recall, resent, risk, recommend, regret, result in sb’s ving Save, suggest, stop, spend, suffer Tolerant, think Understand Would mind, waste, worth


    (C) Bare infinitive

    Could do nothing but, Cannot but Dare not, do/does Feel Hear, had better Let Make Notice, need not See, smell Would rather, why not *Modal Verbs

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