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Gundam Assault Survive

i want to paly Gundam Assault Survive, but i know need to update something ar , but my psp can play download games , but if i update it , i will can't play the old downlond games . i want to know can i play Gundam Assault Survive download and the other download games and where can i find people can help me

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    if ur psp's type is 300X,u can play games 5.03 or less(5.00, 3.71....)

    if that is 200X or 100X, u can play 6.10 or less!!

    i just mean 300X can update to 5.03,most!! the system over 5.03(5.55, 6.10...")

    can't be played.

    if ur psp is 200X or 100X,use this to update ur psp,and don't worry about

    playin' the old download games,it's ok to play them!!