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What criteria should a positioning strategy satisfies?

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  • 1 十年前

    A positioning strategy should satisfy these criteria

    -Confused positioning, where buyers are unsure of what the organization/seller stands for

    -Over-positioning, where consumers percieve the organization's products as being expensive and fail to recognize the full breadth of the range.

    -Under-positioning, where the message is simply too vague and consumers have little real idea of what the organization stands for.

    In order to select the most effective market position, the strategist needs to begin by identifying the structure of the market and the positions currently held by competitors

    However, positioning strategies can be in 6 major ways

    Positioning of product or service

    by attributes,

    by price & quality,

    by competitor,

    by application,

    by product user, and

    by product class

    資料來源: Strategic MM by Wilson & Gilligan