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left-tail t test

left-tail t test

H0: b1>= 0.3


t*= 5.5857


should i reject H0???

My decision is do not reject H0 since t*>- tc.

But the notes said should reject H0, since t*> tc.

I don't understand why should reject H0.

If you konw which one is correct, please tell me....since i'm frustrated and i

have test on tue

Thank you very much!


the calculated t* is positive, not negative, that's why i feel confused.

is that t* in left tail t test cannot be positive?

t*= (0.5091-0.3)/ 0.0357 = 5.857

thank you vey much!

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    The notes seems correct since the H_0 is >=, you should use left tail test with the critical value t_c=-1.860. Since t_calculate = - 5.5857 which is smaller than 1.860 (some people like the format |t_calculate|>t_c), reject H_0 and conclude that b1 < 0.3.

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    is smaller than -1.860

    2010-03-08 17:33:12 補充:

    應該0甘講﹐t_c是1.86﹐但其實您是在看-1.86﹐因為t_calculate =-5.5857 < -1.86﹐因此reject H_0