VTC夜間課程, 常遲到可以嗎?

看到VTC有個夜間課程想讀, 但它6.30上課, 因為我放工較遲, 基本上, 我一定係趕唔切, 會堂堂都遲到, 我想問下VTC有無最低求話要出席率幾多成?如果遲到幾多分鐘堂缺席論?

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  • F.P.
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    1 十年前

    I suppose you can read simple English.

    VTC part-time courses usually set 70% as the minimum attendance requirement. Different campus/department may have different policies to calculate attendance.

    (1)Some courses count on the actual time attended. For a 3-hour lecture, if you are late by 1 hour, the attendance is 2/3

    (2)Some courses/campuses disregard lateness. No matter how late you come to the lecture, you are counted full attendance for that evening.

    (3)Same as (2) above, but you must come to class before the register 點名簿 is collected by minor staff (usually at 8pm)

    (4) Now that some campuses have electronic attendance recording system. Student need to <beep> their student cards at a machine.

    (5) Some lecturers do not take your attendance if you are more than 1 hour late.

    (6) Some lecturers arranged classwork at 7:00pm (contribute to marks of coursework) to deter latecoming.

  • ming
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    1 十年前


    咁 書面上糸要有七成出席率


    630上堂 通常會等十多分鐘先教 800前到都會當你有返

    不過現實講佢地吾糸咁注意出席率 你交齊功課 考試合格


    學習糸看你成績 吾糸計你有無返