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King Tsun 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

My new neighbour(我的鄰居)英文作文

唔該幫下手作My neighbour(我的鄰居) 英文知識係小學5,6年級左右


星期一交 幫幫我 thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 1 十年前

    No, the Loud Family has not sold their house yet, but the elderly couple who’d lived on our street just closed on theirs and moved out over the weekend. The new family is moving in as I type this.

    They’re from Germany, or at least the wife is. I walked over to introduce myself and take them a map of town, along with a “Welcome” folder I put together at the last minute. Having moved so many times, I know how helpful it is to have a map of town, a list of nearby grocery stores and pharmacies, along with their phone numbers, directions to the public libraries and a few take-out or delivery menus for the first few days of settling in to a new house.

    The man of the house wasn’t home, but the wife — who’s from Germany — was there, along with their little boy who played with my son for a few minutes. He’s excited that his toys are finally arriving. They’ve been staying in temporary quarters for the past two months and he only had a small box of things that he grew bored with some time ago.

    Can I tell you how proud I was when my Big-Eyed Boy ran back in the house, gathered an armload of his own toys and rushed over to share them with his new little friend so the boy would have something to play with while his mother was so busy today? I beamed. It was one of those beautiful parenting moments when you realize some of what you’ve been telling your kid about how to treat others has actually sunk in.

    I didn’t stay long to talk with my new neighbor lady, and I think that was probably fine with both of us. She was incredibly busy ensuring that the movers put boxes in the right rooms. Besides, she’s a very, very quiet lady: soft-spoken, reserved, and no doubt naturally shy.

    The neighborhood is definitely improving.