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I m a British Passport holder (not BNO), if my son was born in Hong Kong. Can he get the British Passport as well? and how???

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    It depends on how you acquire your British nationaliity or citizenship.

    You can refer your issue by Wikipedia:

    Or contact British Consulate General Hong Kong for detail.

    As a reminder, it may not automatic in your case.

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    Can he get the British Passport as well?


    Your child would be British Oversea Citizen at birth (can become British Citizen on registration) if your British Citizenship is obtained by any mean EXCEPT by descent or from British Nationality Act 1983/1996.

    Your child will NOT be British Oversea Citizen at birth if you obtain british Citizenship by descent or via British Nationality act 1983/1996 (Also know as UK Settlement plan).

    Simply saying, if you (Yourselve) are born outside UK your child can only applyfor UK Citizenship if you obtain UK Citizenship by employment, marriage or serve in UK Civil services. If you do not get UK Citizenship that way, your son will not be UK Citizen

    If you are born in UK yourselve, then no matter how you get your UK citizenship, you son will be UK Citizens at birth.

    and how???

    if your son are eligible, you can apply Citizenship for him on any UK Consulate

    資料來源: I am a British Citizen by descent