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Hope someone can help????????????

I have been immigrant to US since 1998 and i m a green card holder too. However, my green card was expired on Feb 2009. Since i was unexpected pregnant last year and need to stay in Hong Kong more than 1 year, so i couldn't back to US on time to renew my green card.

Now I already applied a returning resisident visa at Hong Kong US consulate,and go through all the immigrant process again and finally they granted to me. Also,they collected my old green card and put it into the brown envolope with those immigrant document together and ask me to hand it to the US immigration department when I arrive US.

I would like to know:

1. Will they send me a new green card to me after I enter to US?

2. Do i need to fill in any application form to apply the green card?

3. I have apply the replacement of green card last year, do i need to cancel the application?

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    1. the Embassy just give you a second chance to go back USA because your pregency health issue. you may assign for immigration court hearing. but since you have GOOD CAUSE, you should be fine.

    2. no, not yet, the customs officer may review your case by open that envolope, they will tell you what to do------- file the green card renew form or go for court hearing....... wish you luck!

    3. no, you still don't have the new green card yet, right? so, you still can file another renew form.

    4. actually, you do not need to re appply the new visa to USA, the easy way to do is asked your Husband escort you back to US from HK with your new baby. use the same reason for the over stay. normally, they will give you back face, but will let you throught.

    資料來源: live in Us over 30 yrs.
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    Thanks Gary!!!

    1. Can u elbrorate some more about "hearing"? I don't understand.

    2. My passport show that is "Immigrant Visa"- IV case number,they called it returing resident visa.

    so what is it means???

    Thanks a lot!!!!!

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    It sounds like that they are allowing you to return the United States for an immigration hearing to determine if the U.S. Government will revoke your residency.

    In answering your quesions:

    1. No.

    2. Yes. After the hearing.

    3. If your application is processed, you should have your renewed Permanent Resident Card in hand already. At this moment, it is diffciult to determine the status of that application.

    Your visa should give you a hint what is going to happen next.

    If you are given a non-immigrant visa (The Visa type will tell you), that means you are definitely heading to a hearing. If it is an immigrant visa (which case number and category will say IV instead), then you should be fine.