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我想知道,如果我澳洲學生visa過左期,出境會有任何問題??? such as they dop sth on yr passport? the officer will send you to a room hv a talk?? or anything else?


thanks j_hungary002. i got a case below.

更新 2:

i hold a student visa until 31, july 2010.however i do not study at last sem.( sem2 2009), even i didnt enrol to the school and report to school . however, i didnt recive anything from school and imma. department that his visa cancel already.

更新 3:

And then i left Australia on 2010-1-25 to back hk. it's nth happen on myself. Today, i want to apply travel visa online, the system shows that my student visa still working. it's until 31 july 2010.

更新 4:

so, i got few more question for myself

(1) is it possible for me to cancel a current studnet visa and apply a travel visa?

(2)i want to apply PR. since my girlfriend is a new zealand citiezns.( we stay over 3 years already) is it possible for me to apply in australia when i go back?

更新 5:

when i apply a ETA online, it shows sth as below

更新 6:

The ETA you have applied for cannot be issued because you already have a current visa for travel to Australia with the following data and conditions:

Expiry Date:30 JUL 2010

Period of Stay:Until 30 JUL 2010

Number of Entries:Multiple

This visa cannot be replaced by the type of ETA you have applied

更新 7:

To j_hungary,

i think this time you cant give me a right answer. since i went to Australian Consulate-General, they checked my visa still valid. what to do now, they cancelled my VALID VISA and help to to apply a ETA. Then, i can go back to Australia.

更新 8:

Second, as my girlfriend is New Zealand Citiezns, she can help me to apply NZ PR, then, i can go to Australia to stay and work there.

j_hungary, please update your information and dont answer the wrong things here again

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  • 1 十年前


    Yes. they will chop an "Overstay" stamp on your visa and your passport, they will ask you to step aside to the conunter office and fine you before they allow you to leave or deport you.

    Overstaying in Australiais a crime, there are A$1500 (Or more now,can't remember) fine on that, they will issue youthe fine, you can choose to pay on the stop or pay when you go back to HK, but you cannot re-enter australia unless you served your exclusion period and your fine is paid, in full

    2010-03-04 04:06:02 補充:

    on the *SPOT*

    2010-03-04 06:03:16 補充:

    you should have asked your question in your question................

    OK, since this is supplementry note, i cannot answer this in detail, if you want to know more, i am afraid you need to open a new question to ask all these.

    2010-03-04 06:04:52 補充:

    1.) Your visa is CANCELLED by DIAC, you are currently serving 3 years ban from Australia, reason, you did not report to your school or DIAC that you suspend your study,DIAC should cancelled your visa for violating visa agreement : (Maintain Full time study)

    2010-03-04 06:05:06 補充:

    So the answer is NO

    2010-03-04 06:06:30 補充:

    2.) You cannot go back to Australia as your GF is New Zealand Citizen, she is NEITHER Australian Citizens nor Australian Permanent Resident, she can apply you to NZ tho, wait for 8 years and claim NZ Citizenship and you can get in Australia as Special Category Visa holder

    2010-03-04 06:07:43 補充:

    New Zealand Citizens is not consider as Australian Permenant Resident as Trans-Tasman Agreement only give Special Status to NZ Citizens they did not confer PR toNew Zealand Citizens in Australia, unless your GF wais born before 1950

    2010-03-04 06:09:20 補充:

    Nor would you be able to apply Australian PR in this sense, as your GF is neither Australian Citizens nor Australian PR. She need to apply for PR her self first, if she satisified Australian Immigration Requirment

    資料來源: my wife used to work for DIAC
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