fashion top-up degree

想讀top-up degree, 有關fashion的,

大家知唔知出面有邊間院校有舉辦相關課程? 可否列出來?


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  • 1 十年前

    polyu has part time top up degree

    Fashion and Textile Studies (Fashion & Textile Marketing & Merchandising) - BA(Hons)


    Stream Code

    Fashion & Textile Design - PTD

    Fashion & Textile Marketing & Merchandising - PTM

    Fashion Retailing - PRE

    Fashion Technology - PTE

    Mode of Study


    Normal Duration

    3-6 years (See the Remarks section below)

    Credits Required for Graduation


    Fund Type


    e Leader

    Dr Sunney Leung Yung-sun

    MSc, PhD, HD, MHKITA

    Deputy Scheme Leader


    1) Subject Exemption

    14100 candidates are required to complete 60 credits for graduation. This is different from our degree programme (14090), which requires 90 credits for graduation. As candidates admitted to 14100 are Higher Diploma holders, they have already been excluded from taking 30 credits of Level 2 subjects*. In this connection, 14100 students can only apply for exemption from certain subject(s), rather than credit transfers, if they have successfully completed similar subject(s) in another programme. The exempted subject(s) will not be counted toward satisfying the total credit requirement, and students must take replacement subject(s) to make up for the number of credits.

    *Note: Level 2 subjects means full-time Year One degree level subjects.

    2) Four Specialisms

    This scheme consists of four specialisms of study; students must indicate their choice in their applications.

    - Fashion & Textile Design (Stream Code: PTD)


    - Fashion & Textile Marketing and Merchandising (Stream Code: PTM)


    - Fashion Retailing (Stream Code: PRE)


    - Fashion Technology (Stream Code: PTE)


    3) Foundation Subjects

    Foundation subjects must be taken if the candidate holds a Higher Diploma (in textiles and fashion) that is not in the same specialism as that applied for.

    4) Programme Duration

    The duration may vary from a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 6 years due to the self-paced mode of study.