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Eclass AMG package ARTICO seat

Benz E-class can pay extra for the AMG sport package which include DINAMICA microfibre/ARTICO man-made leather sport seats.

What is DINAMICA microfibre/ARTICO man-made leather sport seat really made of?

Some people say is is NOT real leather (i.e.人造皮), but the salesperson at the Hong Kong dealer said it is REAL leather. So is it real or not real leather?

If it is not real leather, what is the point to pay extra to change from real leather seats to unreal leather (i.e.人造皮) seat???

Thank you!

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  • John
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Your salesperson at the STEALER is either ignorant, or just full of sh*t.

    Artico is a new name for MB-Tex, which is just a fancy way to say "man-made" leather, fake leather, or simply vinyl. Of course it's more complicated than that. In order to make the Artico looks, feels and even smells like processed dead animal skin (people call it "leather" to make it sounds less disgusting), they have to mix vinyl with different type of textiles. Man-made leather nowadays is way more advanced than the old ones back in the 80s, while it became sticky while in hot summer, and stiff when it's cold.

    Dinamica is a suede-like fabric material, and just like alcantara, it's not real suede.

    I personally prefer vinyl over real leather. As mentioned, as technology advances, vinyl seating material has dumped all the disadvantages from the old days, and now offers more advantages -- carefree, easy to maintain, sturdy. Try not to take extra care on the real stuffs and see all the wear and tear in couple years.

    Dinamica is used in the seat back and probably at the cushion area where your rear touches, and Artico is used in the other area, especially at the side bolster. The reason for this is Dinamica offers more fiction, so the driver and passenger will not slide when encountering high g-force load, like, making a high-speed turn. Artico goes well against wear and tear, so it's used on side bolster area where the driver's body will rub against when ingress and egress the car.

    Both Artico and Dinamica are great materials, and people should not feel negative toward having these for whatever purpose. However, calling them "real leather" is just false advertising.

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