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notify 和 inform 的差別

請請notify 和 inform 的用法及意思上的差別? thank you very much...

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    notify - to tell someone officially about something

    corresponding noun - notification

    inform - to tell someone about particular facts

    corresponding noun - information

    inform - just tell someone about facts 告知

    notify - tell someone officially and formally about something 通知


    inform sb Why didn't you inform the police immediately? This is vital evidence.

    inform sb of Please write informing the bank of your new address.

    inform sb about Why wasn't I informed about this earlier?

    inform sb (that) l am instructed to inform you that your application has been rejected.

    notify sb of Has everyone been notified of the decision?

    notify sb Passengers are requested to notify a member of staff if they see suspicious packages.

    notify sb that Staff were notified several months in advance that they would be losing their jobs.



    2.inform有點像tell,分別只是inform用於講述facts;notify是比較official and formal,通常用在一個團體(例如公司、銀行等)告訴一個人。

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    notify係通知 inform係告知

    If you notify someone of something, you officially inform them about it.



    通知多數都係將會發生OR發生左D事 要由一個人通知你

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