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材料: 老薑 l斤

甜醋 1000ml

黑米醋 200ml

豬腳 / 豬手 1隻

雞蛋 7隻


(1) 老畺用刀刮去薑皮, 放入密實袋內輕輕拍扁至裂開, 放白鑊內用中火烘乾

(2) 煮滾甜醋, 黑米醋, 放入老薑煮滾, 轉慢火煲約一小時

(3) 雞蛋烚熟去殼備用

(4) 豬腳 / 豬手洗淨斬件, 用水煮約半小時, 用凍水沖乾淨, 抹乾備用

(5) 大火滾醋, 放下豬手煲滾, 下雞蛋滾起, 轉慢火煲約2小時

(6) 再煲滾即可

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  • 1 十年前

    Recipe for Pig Knuckles in Dark Sweet Vinegar

    1 catty (600g) of ripe ginger.

    1000ml of dark sweet vinegar

    200ml of black rice vinegar

    1 pig knuckle

    7 eggs

    1. peel the ginger. Put it in a plastic bag and smash it gently with a chopper. Sear the ginger on a heated wok without oil.

    2. Bring the dark sweet vinegar and the black rice vinegar to a boil. Put in the ginger. Cook on low heat for one hour.

    3. Boil the eggs until they are well cooked. remove shell.

    4. Rinse the pig knuckle and chop it into small pieces. Blanch in boiling water for 30 minutes. then Rinse with cold water.

    5. Bring the vinegar to a boil, put in the pig knuckle and eggs. When the vinegar is boiling again, turn down the heat to cook for about 2 hours.

    6. Reheat for serving

  • 1 十年前

    Pig's zingiberensis pyroligneous

    Material: Ginger l Jin

    Sweet vinegar 1000ml

    200ml black rice vinegar

    Pig's Trotter/1heat

    Egg 7 but cooking steps:

    (1) the scrape with the old 畺 heuk-densing skin, placed in bags and Pat platymonas-slitat, placed in the area of white fire pans and baking

    (2) boiled sweet hobber littlevinegar, black rice vinegar, ginger into Cooking Hob, go slow cooker is about an hour

    (3) a hard-boiled eggs cooked with alternate

    (4)-style pig's Trotter/de-fluxing pieces, boiled for about half an hour, freeze the water turns a clean, dry the standby

    (5) xxⅲ hobber pyroligneous, laiddown, Trotter Cook egg roll up, go slow cooker about 2 hours

    (6) then you can cook

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  • 匿名
    1 十年前


    Pig's feet Jiangcu Materials: l pounds of sweet ginger vinegar, black rice vinegar 200ml pig's knuckles 1000ml / Zhushou an egg cooking seven steps: (1) Jiang knife to scrape off the old ginger skin, into the dense bags pat bian to split, put white pan over medium heat dryer (2), boil sweet vinegar, black vinegar, add ginger boil, turn pot simmered about an hour (3) cooked peeled eggs Xia standby (4) Pig foot / Zhushou Wash piecemeal fashion, using boiled about half an hour, with cold water will clean, dry spare (5) fire roll vinegar, boiling down Zhushou roll, the next egg roll, the transfer simmered in pot about 2 hours (6) roll can be re-pot

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