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幫手作一作個acrostic poem...

唔該大家幫我作一個acrostic poem.



C (............)

H (............)

R (............)

I (............)

S (............)

T (............)

M (............)

A (............)

S (............)




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  • 1 十年前

    Christmas is my favourite time of year.

    Happiness is the meaning of the holiday season.

    Relatives come from near and far.

    Icicles make the world glisten and shine.

    Snow is falling softly.

    The tree is decorated with sparkling lights.

    Mom is in the kitchen baking cookies

    And I am waiting for

    Santa to arrive.

    Christ was born on Christmas Day.

    Holidays are special.

    Reindeer tow Santa's sled.

    Icicles hang off my roof.

    Snow comes in December.

    Trees are decorated in our homes for Christmas.

    Mummers go door to door singing Christmas carols.

    Angels are in the Christmas play.

    Santa drinks a lot of fanta.

    Celebrating has begun.

    Ho ho ho, Santa is singing aloud.

    Reindeer in running too fast.

    Is rosy Santa frost-bitten or just exhausted?

    Something must be wrong with him.

    Too much Union Beer, I guess.

    Mornings, remember, always bring hangover

    And never-ending headaches!

    Santa, Santa next time you should drink Fanta!

    Chimney is ready for you, dear Santa,

    Hurry up with the Christmas presents!

    Reindeer is waiting for you,

    Ice-blink is showing you the way,

    Snowflakes are falling,

    Trees are twinkling in the snowy park,

    Magic music is all round us,

    Angels are singing about you and

    Starry Christmas Eve.

    Candles are lit.

    Houses are fit.

    Ready for Christmas.

    Imagining heaps of gifts.

    Santa is coming.

    Through the chimney.

    Magic is in the air.

    Are you ready?

    Santa is coming.

    C hrist Jesus - the Lamb of GOd!

    H ear!

    R ound the earth the message:

    I mmanuel,

    S on of God -

    T o us born as Messiah;

    M erry Christmas we wish you,

    A Happy New Year with hope,

    S ing Hallelujah Chorus!

    C Christ’s coming to Earth

    H Hailed as new born King, Holy

    R Risen Lord, righteous redeemer,

    I Intercedes for us as

    S Spiritual Saviour to save sinners souls

    T Time for Truth, Trust, Trinity

    M Man’s belief in God of Love,

    A As Father Son and Holy Spirit

    S Shall be saved


    icicles (n) long thin pointed piece of ice hanging from a roof or other surface 冰柱;垂冰

    Mummers (n) actors in a simple traditional play that does not have words 啞劇演員

    Messiah (n) 救世主耶穌 / (猶太人盼望的復國救主)彌賽亞

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    C is for clever

    H is for helpful

    R is for race

    I is for ice-ceam

    S is for softly

    T is or tried

    M is for making un

    A is for apple

    S is for silly

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