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i want to go to canada!

but i am afraid that my mom may be doesn't me the charge!

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    but i am afraid that my mom may be doesn't me the charge


    What do you mean?

    Do you mean that

    "your mom may not be willing to sponsor your trip"?

    2009-11-12 22:36:33 補充:

    First of all, why are you afraid that your mom will not sponsor your trip?

    May be this is just what you guess. That is, you don't have any evidence

    to show that your mom really not willing to support your trip.

    2009-11-12 22:40:43 補充:

    Many people are so subjective. You know?

    Usually, what we imagine or predict is totally different from the actual outcome.

    This is because usually we draw our conclusion mostly based on

    our experience rather than facts or concrete evidence which are more reliable

    and objective.

    2009-11-12 22:44:02 補充:

    You worry that your mom will not support you. Right?

    This may be just your assumption instead of any conclusion

    based on facts.

    2009-11-12 22:49:12 補充:

    If she is reluctant to support you, then you can persuade her to support you.

    I suggest you to investigate the reason(s) why she is not willing to support you.

    2009-11-12 22:49:15 補充:

    In this way, you will know how to create the conditions which can win her support.

    Try to explain your point of view to her. List out all the reasons which can

    support your point of view.

    2009-11-12 22:52:36 補充:

    Would you mind telling me how old you are?

    Also, why you want to go to Canada? How long will you stay?

    Why you believe that your mom will not sponsor you?

    If you have strong reasons to go to Canada, then it is very unlikely that she

    will not support you.