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  • 1 十年前

    Title: Christmas in Camelot

    Author:Mary Pope Osborne

    Publisher:Random House

    Year of publish:2001

    Summary:Annie And Jack are children from Frog Creek, they used to receive messages from a woman, Morgen to go on journeys as to help the world of magic.One day, they found an invitation from Camelot which asked them to come and celebrate Christmas with them and was signed in 'M'.They thought it was another message from their good friend so they made a wish to go there,but they're wrong.They figured out that the happiness in Camelot have been captured in the Otherworld,a miserable place where secret monsters lived.King Arthur, the leader in Camlot has sent his three best knights to the mission but never return.Annie volunteered and made his brother to help them to get a cup of 'Water of Memory and Imagination', as to recapture the kingdom's joy.A stranger then appeared to give them a cloak,and asked them to find a cup, a compass and a key to complete the mission.When they arrived, they found a group of dancers singing and dancing in the music,both Annie and Jack were pulled towards the melody and joined them.Clever Annie found out that once they started,they couldn't stop,so she tried to control herself from the music and pulled her brother away from the dancing circle.They then saved the three knights whom King Arthur sent while they were dancing to death.The three tired knights gave them the cup,the compass,and the key before they have a long nap.They found the secret door which lead to the cauldron of water. As they thought the mission is easy,four dragons appeared.Their mouths were blowing out fire.Annie suggested to drink the cup of fire and imagined.Annie imagined that they fight against the dragons as Jack imagined that the dragons crawled back to where they came from.Both of their imaginations came true, they fought against the dragons and won them.At last,Camelot got its happiness back.

    2009-10-21 18:33:17 補充:

    lesson:friendship,love;great love between Annie,Jack,Morgen,others;faced the difficult mission for their dearest fds,although how scared,take out courage,braveness-overcome challenge;real world:the dragons:difficulties;With love,friendship-can overcome,fight against them,how complicated,hard-ok

    2009-10-21 18:34:58 補充:

    character: Annie;brave-volunteered to go on the dangerous quest,imagined to fight against the dragons;clever-thought of solution-drink the cup of 'Water ...';cares about others-didn't leave her brother behind when he couldn't get out of the dancing circle,saved the kingdom's joy

    2009-10-21 18:39:52 補充:

    scene:when the stranger turned rock,Annie angry-did such a terrible thing;-impressed:Annie volunteered bravely-so dangerous-misterious world-full of monsters,who entered never return.may not have the huge courage-visit somewhere like this,unless someone threatens me

    2009-10-21 18:41:03 補充:


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    It's Morgan

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