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iphone contact list


I had bought a new iphone.

I want to know how to move the whole contact list from the 1st

generation iphone to the new iphone 3gs for free?

Thank you >.<

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    Move old iphone to new iphone the whole contact ?

    Answe r: Yes, free.Please refer below:

    The publisher of iPhone Camera Pro, Makayama Software, released another new useful program for the iPhone called iSim.

    As it’s known it’s impossible to directly transfer phone numbers from your old mobile to your iPhone which turns the migration process into a hassle for some people. iSim provides an easy solution to this problem: the software allows you to easily all your contacts to your iPhone without having to use Outlook or the Mac Addressbook.

    Quoting the publisher: “Just pop-in your old SIM card and click ‘All to Phone’. A minute later, you can take out your old card, slide in the new one, and you’re ready to go, all numbers are stored in your iPhone’s contact list. Also ideal for people who have bought unlocked phones, because you can use your existing SIM card and make calls from the phonebook.”

    Free features include:

    * Import of phone numbers to Contacts

    * Export of phone numbers to SIM card

    * Make calls from SIM Card.

    Premium features:

    * One-click backup of contacts to any SIM

    * One-click import of contacts from any SIM

    Full version retails for USD $12.95 / EUR 9.95 ex. tax.

    To get the software, start on your iPhone, press Sources, then Edit, then Add. Next, type


    to download.

    資料來源: Website iphone world