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我想要有關SPORTS DAY的 相關英語,例如運動項目名稱,工具及相關人物等

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    School events

    Primary school sports days are seen as light-hearted and informal occasions. They typically comprise activities such as the egg and spoon race and the sack race where the emphasis is on fun rather than sporting prowess. Other events may include the skipping race, where participants take a rope and skip along a course, and the three legged race.

    In secondary schools, sports days are more likely to be based on conventional track and field athletic sports, and are more serious and competitive in nature than their primary school counterparts. This is especially the case in private schools, where different houses within the school may compete against one another.

    Sports days may be attended by parents and other relatives of the participating pupils. In most cases, parents will sit on the sidelines as spectators; some schools, however, include "mothers and fathers" races in which parents may participate. Some schools hold intramural sports days in which competitions are between schools rather than between houses, though this is less common.

    Adult events

    There are now a number of organisations which offer sports days for adults, either as corporate team building exercises, or as nostalgic events in the same vein as the school disco theme nights held by many UK nightclubs. Actors may be hired to play teachers with comically exaggerated personalities and mannerisms.


    There have been a number of controversies surrounding school sports days in recent years, many of which have been publicised by the media.

    Some schools have abolished or heavily altered sports days on the grounds that they are too competitive and may damage pupils' self esteem - this often reflects the schools' attitude towards competitive sports or competitiveness in general. This view has been condemned as "political correctness" by many commentators, notably by journalist Melanie Phillips in her 1996 book All Must Have Prizes.