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    Of course they do.....

    I was reading a magazine some years ago and i remember reading one article on a Battle of the bulge vet recountting their story in Belgium

    In the article, he mentioned he saw a row of 4 sherman rolling down the hill where their original position was, and those sherman fire at them and any reinforcement before disappearing into the wood. He got close enough to hear those are german crew (speaking inside/outside a tank) mastering a group of sherman and running amok.....

    Now, the thing is the Bulge vet did not really remember are they wearing MP uniform which would belong to the pre-battle inflitration mission by English Speaking German wearing US Uniform or what but this is highly likely that this would happen, given this is those "spies" mission..

    There are also a lot of German using captured T-34 to fight the russian T-34, i think i did see some photo posted here some while back and you could just fish them out if you wanted