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Australia PR visa extend?

Hello thanks so much for your information given, let me further explain my situation.

My visa granted on 24.8.06 ( Class BN 136 Skilled - independent visa )

and i have land 14.4.2007, but only land few day and didnt stay in Australia

because of working in HK.

In the visa granted email, it mentioned a few condition:

visa validity: the visa allow for unlimited travel to and from Australia until 24.8.2011. After this date the holders must obtain a resident return visa if travelling overseas and wanting to return to Australia as permanent resident.

Leaving and returning to Australia

Any person wanting to travel, or remian outside of Australia for a period of time after 24.8.2011, and who is not an Australian citizen, must holdresident visa to be able to return. It is an individuals; rsponsibility to obatin a resident return visa after the current visa ceases. Specific criteria apply for the grant of a resident return visa. the criteria are designed to ensure that only permanent residents who have shown a genuine commitment to Australia, by either residing in Australia or otherwise making a sound contribution to Australia, may be eligible for a resident return visa.

So i have recently checked some information on immigration website, but im confusemy case is under the old rule. is that mean i must stay for 2 years in Australia to keep my PR. if i decide to go back to Australia later but before 24.8.2011, is there any opportunity for me to keep my PR.

and whether i can apply citizenship if continue stay for 4 years?

Many thanks.

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  • 1 十年前

    OK, first, i won't copy your question cos you typed way too much information.......

    But let me explain what your situation are and what you need to know.

    1.) PR Visa

    First, let me say, Permanent Resident Right and Permanent Resident Visa is 2 different thing. You may not have the permanent resident visa or may have the visa expired, but this does not changed the fact that you have Permanent Resident Right.

    Technically, everyone without an Australian Passport need visas to travel to and from Australia, PR Visa allow you to travel within the validity of the visa. The visa expired only mean you cannot travel to and form Australia. that does not mean you lose the right as a permanent resident.

    Permanent Resident status cannot be taken out from a person if that person enter Australia Legally (Well, if you enter Australia Illegally, then that's another story...)

    One of the right you have as a permanent resident is you could not be deported from Australia. So whenever your visa is expired, if you are in Australia at the moment your visa expired, you will still be LEGAL to stay in Australia.

    However, if you require to travel oversea, you MUST have a valid visa to leave or Enter Australia border, if you do not, then you will void the right of Permanent Resident and you can imagine what will happen next....


    Answer to your question.

    1.) You need to stay in Australia for at least 3 months to apply for a Resident Return Visa. If you stayed in Australia for less than 3 months, chances are you will not granted any return visa and your permanent resident right will ceased to exist.

    2.) You do not need a Permanent Resident Visa nor RRV to get Australian Citizenship, given you arrive in Australia before your current PR visa expired and you do not plane on leaving Australia until you get your Citizenship. Cos you lost the right to travel not stay, once your PR visa expired