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essay question

please write 3 essay on

1.why french revolution happened?

2.why renaissance happened?

3.why feudalism failed during in the middles ages?

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    (3) Why feudalism failed during in the middles ages?

    The reasons for the decline of Feudalism during the Medieval period of the Middle Ages included:

    The Crusades and travel during the Middle Ages opened new trade options to England

    England started to move from land based economy to a money-based economy

    The Black Death - this reduced the population of England by one third. Labour became a valuable commodity

    The Peasants Revolt - Peasants realized their worth and demanded changes. Charters were granted but ignored by nobles

    More trade saw the growth of more towns

    Peasants moved away from the country into towns they were eventually allowed to buy their freedom

    Land was rented and the rights of lords over labour decreased

    The Feudal Levy was unpopular and as time went by Nobles preferred to pay the King rather than to fight and raise troops

    Armed men were paid a wage and Medieval warfare was financed by taxes and loans

    Nobles became weaker - the Kings took back their lands and power

    A centralized government was established

    1)Why did the French revolution happen?

    It happened because of the peasant’s displeasure with the way the government and the king worked. The king had complete control over the peasants charging unfair taxes and forcing the peasants to fight in low ranks of the army. They also had to pay or give money or food and other valuables to often more than one Lord, who owned the land they worked on or lived on, or even just lived near.

    Also the queen was said to have been spending unwisely on luxuries, which were unnecessary. The monarchy was often the common excuse for the French government to come to a downfall. According to the peasants the monarch had been spending the governments, the peoples money. The monarch at the time was Queen Mary. The government was 400,000 Livers (the French currency) in debt due to careless and severe spending. The peasant population made up ninety percent of the French people.

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    Also nobles, rich people could avoid large amounts of tax. Receive high ranks of the army such as officer or general and not actually fight wars or battles. The clergy, the church also received a healthy sum of ten percent of your income, money, or farming goods etc.

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    As well as the country being on the verge of a revolution the French government had other problems. Some people were not and could not pay the high unfair taxes. Also the tax collectors were apparently pocketing the taxes instead of giving it to the government.

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    The kings, through their ministers in the government and local officials ruled absolutely this meant the peasants and the rest of the people except for the small amount of nobles did not have a say in how the country was run. Resulting in many upsets between the peasants.

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    The nobles a large majority of them got their heads sliced off by the guillotine which was invented by a French dude called Mr. Guillotine who invented it a while before the French Revolution.

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    It was a quick and easy way of disposing of unwanted people their was often an elaborate procession before the execution most of them had more than one person being disposed of.

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