HK bus history (40 points!!!!)

* bus history between the past years and the present *

~ What are the similarities ?

~ What are the differences ?

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    1920s: The beginning

    Collection of KMB bus models, from past to present.

    Omnibus Transport in Hong Kong dates from the beginning of the last century. Several operators were managing a number of bus routes on both sides of the Victoria Harbour by the end of the 1920s. These included Kowloon Motor Bus, China Motor Bus, the Hong Kong Tramways (which served the Happy Valley area) and many more.

    [edit]1930s: Pre-war franchise

    In 1933, bus services were franchised. Rights were given to Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) on the North side, and China Motor Bus (CMB) on the Island. Other bus companies had to cease operations and their buses sold to the franchised operators.

    The outbreak of 1967 riots halted the bus services because of the intimidation of the front-line operational staff in the latter part of 1967. Services slowly resumed back to previous levels in early 1968, but this interruption had given the opportunity for dual-purpose vans to flourish and provide illegal - but at that time, necessary - public passenger services, which were then later to be legalised by a weak Transport Department and become the Public Light Bus.

    In 1968, two new towns, Kwun Tong and Tsuen Wan, started flourishing and KMB extended its service by opening a new route 40 to and fro these.

    The 1990s also saw the withdrawal of Daimler/Leyland Fleetline and Leyland Victory Mk2 buses. CMB and KMB started to withdraw their Fleetlines in late 1980s and the last KMB Fleetline was withdrawn in 1995. All the KMB's Victories were also withdrawn in 1990s. After New World First Bus acquired the whole CMB fleet, it also replaced the Victories and the remaining Fleetlines with new super low floor buses, the last Fleetlines and Victories were withdrawn in August 2000.

    This section will also talk about the advent of bus-bus interchange in Hong Kong, an old concept elsewhere but new in Hong Kong..........

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