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1.想請問 "That"同"Those"有咩分別?

2.An honest old servant.當中~點解要用"an"而唔係"a"呢?

3.A useful book and an interesting news.當中~A useful又用"a"而唔係"an"呢??



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    1. "That" 係 單數(singular) 嘅 "指示代名詞" (demonstrative pronoun),例如:that book (那一本書)。 "Those" 係 眾數(plural) 嘅 "指示代名詞",例如:those books (那些書)。

    2.An honest old servant.當中~要用"an"而唔係"a" 係因為通常 a,e,i,o,u 前面要用 "an", 而 honest 嗰 "h" 係冇聲嘅,等於响 "onest" 前面,所以用 "an"。

    如果 "h" 有聲,就用 "a",例如: A hungry old servant。

    3.A useful book and an interesting news.當中~A useful又用"a"而唔係"an",因為個 "u" 係讀長音。如果讀短音,就用 "an" 例如:an underground tunnel。

    4."第三生單數"。應該係 "第三身單數" 。係 "自身代名詞" (personal pronoun) 的一個分類。

    我 (I),你(you),他 (he), 分別為,第一身(first person),第二身(second person),第三 身(third person) 單數(singular)。

    我 們(we),你們(you),他們 (they), 分別為,第一,二,三 身 雙數,或眾數 (plural) 。

    所以,第三身單數 (third person singular),即係 他,她,它 (he, she, it)。

    5."Subject"同"Predicate"係一個句子嘅两個部份。一個句子除咗個 "subject", 剩餘嘅就叫做 "predicate"。


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    1. That is singular

    Those is the plural form opf that.

    2. A honest old servant or an old servant

    3. an is usually used in front of a, e, i, o, u but there is exceptional case, like a useful book but an unusual event.

    4. 第三生單數 = he, she & it and we need to add "S" at the end of the verb or use is or was.

    he or she is going to work. He works hard, It is hard etc.

    5. Subject is always at the beginning of a sentence while predicate is at the end of a sentence.

    Tom goes to school at 7 am daily.

    Tom is the subject in this sentence.

    goes is the verb.

    to & at is preposition

    to the predicate of this sentence.

    Hope it is clear with you.