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用英文介紹東京(60字左右 20點!! 有中文翻譯)

用英文介紹東京(60字左右 20點!! 有中文翻譯)


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    Take is located at the autumn leaf original station west side central road as the center, has altogether 250 above electric appliance commodity exclusive agency which the size varies, becomes electric appliance street which is well-known, " AKIHABALA" (autumn leaf original Japanese pronunciation) had already become the world the commonly used language. For these years the electric appliance street from the sales domestic electric appliances street primarily to the new world transformation which created by the Internet. Take sells the computer to increase as the central large-scale shop, each shop's sales clerk has the rich specialized knowledge, can make the detailed explanation to the customer. Moreover can use English, Chinese, the Han national language to receive the customer the shop also many.

    This street started from 1940 second halves to turn specializes in selling electric appliance's downtown. At that time the residential information originated mostly from the radio. The sales radio components' shop concentrates under the JR high structure, has become the beginning which this street develops. Afterward, these shops also started to sell the domestic electric appliances, developed the world biggest electric appliance street gradually. Besides has each manufacture manufacturer Service organization and the commodity demonstration hall in here, the duty-free shop and each kind of promotion is also very substantial, walks has a look to be also interesting. Every year in the summer and the winter conducts two electric appliance festivals are here greatest holidays, do not miss the shopping good opportunity. May spend time in here to stroll has a look.



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