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eng essay problems

can you suggest any good advantages of keeping doga?

I am writing an argumentative essay " should dogs be allowed on public housing estates and my my point view is yes.

thank you

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    1) Needless to say, keeping a dog brings you lots of joy, which words cannot describe. When you come home after a day's work, you’ll get greatly relaxed seeing your lovely dog wagging its tail.

    2) Training your dog is a good test of patience. When you train it to do some tricks and find that you can make it, you’ll get a feeling of satisfaction.

    3) A dog can be a good companion for you especially if you are living alone or an elder (長者, 用作 noun) without children.

    4) For those blind or visually impaired people, dogs can be trained as guide dogs (導盲犬) to help them a lot in their daily lives.

    5) If you are living at countryside (郊區) where it is allowed to keep a dog at home. Your dog can be a good security guard for you when you are away from home.

    6) Walking a dog regularly can help you make friends easily with other pet lovers living in the neighborhood and socialize with them well.

    What is the problem?

    I would like to ask “Why not”?

    Everyone – including pet lovers - has their own individual needs. Your need can be satisified without affecting others, so long as there are some effective rules governing your behavior and you are very self-disciplined and rule-abiding (守規舉的).

    With the passage of time, it is worthwhile for us to rethink if we should stick to this rule any more. Laws, when considered inappropriate or obsolete, will also have to change with the times (與時並進). The rules of public housing estates are no exception. If our government is to achieve administration success (管治成功), it has to be highly aware of those social and environmental changes around it. We should accept changes. Change is a good thing. No change, no improvement.

    Nowadays, the population of pet lovers is growing and people tend to value dogs’ existence much higher than before. And it means that more and more people are in need of a suitable place for keeping a dog. Our government should be aware of this and make certain adjustment to the rules.




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    由於字數所限, 回答己寄給您.

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    Even large companies are expected to fulfill their social responsibilities (社會責任) to the community. Then how about the government, which is supposed to take good care of the livelihood of the citizens?

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    Everyone’s interests should be taken into consideration. This will help the society to shape up a harmonious environment for us.

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    We should do more to protect the interests of pet lovers, just like we strive to fight for the interests of other minority groups such as the elderly, the disabled, the homosexuals, the mentally retarded, or those ex-mentally ill patients living in Rehabilitation centre.

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    So making right changes will help us take a big stride towards a better tomorrow for our society.

    The main problem is that it is a rule set by those people who do not like dogs, do not understand the needs of pet lovers or do not sympathize their situation.

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    Keeping a dog is not a bad thing itself. It depends how you view it. Conversely, some misbehaviour is not to be allowed or tolerated. For example, throwing objects from height out of your window can endanger other people’s lives.

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    Have you ever got annoyed by your neighbors who do not keep a dog but make plenty of loud noise or play noisy music? Have you ever seen people cycling or playing ball games in the amusement grounds of public housing estates, where you can clearly see the notice saying “No cycling. No ball games”?

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    And people think this is ok. But why do they think that keeping a dog is not acceptable and should be regarded as a violation of rules?

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    It goes without saying that dog owners have to obey the rules of the estate as everyone else of the non-pet owners do. There is no exception to them. If their dogs make loud noise, other people can make complaints about them. If they cause any hygienic problem, they are to blame.

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    But if the dog owners are abiding by all these rules as anyone else, why can’t their dogs be allowed to be an officially registered member of the family?

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    Generally, some dog owners are very cooperative and considerate: They keep their dogs on a leash (狗帶) all the times when they bring them out for a walk.

    2009-05-13 12:05:27 補充:

    When in the street, they keep them muzzled (戴上嘴套) to prevent them from biting or scaring people if their dogs are big ones. They never let them foul the street by clearing up after them.

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    So what is the problem with allowing people to keep a dog? I don’t see any reason why keeping a dog causes any inconvenience or problems to others.

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    walk a dog on a leash



    Whenever in the street our dog is muzzled.


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    In some things you must trust to your elders.


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    Correction: full stop -> comma

    5) If you are living at countryside (郊區) where it is allowed to keep a dog at home, your dog can be a good security guard for you when you are away from home.

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    漏字: sympathize WITH ...


    The main problem is that it is a rule set by those people who do not like dogs, do not understand the needs of pet lovers or do not sympathize WITH their situation.

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    What is the problem?

    第1段: ?的位置

    I would like to ask "why not?".

    第2段: need + s

    Your needs can be satisfied ...

    第3段: Change + s

    Changes are good things.

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    1.they are cute

    2.they are obedient

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