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Angela 發問於 科學及數學數學 · 1 十年前

Maths qusetions!! (Hard)

Please Work these following questions out

I am stuck=(

Show your working please=]

1) A large tub of popcorn costs £3.80 and holds 280g.

A regular tub of popcorns costs £3.50 and holds 175g.

Rob says that 200g Large tub is the better value for money.

Linda says that 175g Regular tub is the better value for money.

-Who is correct?

-Explain the reasons for your answer.You must show all your working.

2) This item appeared in a newspaper

Cows produce 3% more milk

A farmer found that when his cow listened to classical music the milk it produced increased by 3%.

This increase of 3% represented 0.72 Litres if milk

-Calculate the amount of milk produced by the cow when it litened to classical music.

3) PQR is a right-angled triangle.

PR= 6cm

QR= 4cm

-Work out the length og PQ

-Give your answer in 3 significant figyres.

Thanks very much=D

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前


    280g for £3.8 so each gram is £0.01357

    175g for £3.5 so each gram is £0.02

    Therefore the large tub is cheaper (ie 175g for £3.5 is more expensive).


    0.72L is 3% so that total before the increase is 100% = 24L

    After the increase, the total will be 24.72L


    I am assuming angle PQR is the right angle (from your notation). This implies 62 = 42 + (PQ)2

    ==> 36 = 16 + (PQ)2

    ==> 20 = (PQ)2

    ==> PQ = 4.472