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S.1 integrated science

Why do we have to use super heavy metal for generating nuclear power

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    To obtain nuclear energy, scientists can merely control nuclear fission


    Then, why nuclear fission occur?

    Nuclear fission occurs as the nucleus of an element is unstable.

    More detail: There are "two types" of unstablility

    1. Too many "energy" stored in the nuclei

    This kind of unstable nuclei will undergo NUCLEAR FISSION to

    become more stable.

    2. "Energy" stored in the nuclei is not enough to stablize itself.

    This kind of unstable nuclei will undergo NUCLEAR FUSION to

    become more stable.

    The energy is called binding energy.

    (Every element have their own binding energy in their nucleus.

    Binding energy per nucleon is used to determine the stablility of this


    As these heavy elements belong to Type1 unstablility to undergo

    fission. In addition, most of the heavy elements are metals.

    Rmk: The radioactive elements are Actinoid.


    I hope this answer can help with S.1 I.S.~~ >_<

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    It was because nuclear was fossil fuel.So must need to average it.Such as 鋅鐵銅

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