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Green Card Urgent

I am a green card holder but left USA for over 9 years. My green card will expire in 2010. I wanna go to US in this months and stay for 3 - 4 months. As I know the immigration in airport will take back the green card becos i left US over 6 months. Could anyone please send me comment on below questions?

1. Can I work in US during this period?

2. Can I study ESL class in free of charge?

3. Can I apply the driving license?



我9年前入境時用的BNO PASSPORT 已經過期, 那我可否用現在的特區戶照入境???

更新 2:

BESIDES, 我應買單程或來回機票呢, 其實我還沒決定要在美國留多久...

更新 3:

咁我拎特區PASSPORT 係OK ? 係咪只係要用GREEN CARD 加有效的PASSPORT 我就可以入境架啦 ?? 唔好意思, 因為想有多D 信心..

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    Leaving more than 6 months does not necessary trigger the holding of your permanent resident card. It is a case by case situation (although you have a high possibility in that case).

    In the case of holding your PR Card, you can request hearing before the judge to prevent your removal from the United States. You will be given an opportunity to explain and demonstrate how your situation should allow you to retain your permanent residency.

    In answering your questions, it will be a yes because eventually you will be admitted into the United States, pending deportation and removal hearing.

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    Anything is fine as you are not considered as a visitor but a resident.

    It is up to you what you want to buy.

    2009-03-18 09:33:55 補充:

    You are correct.