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Reading 的好處



個人短講..關於reading, 要演講一段Reading的好處(或任何有關Reading )..

內容簡單即可!! 時間1-2分鐘


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    My favorite hobby is reading, and I like to read a variety of books including mystery, thriller, romance, documentaries, etc. First of all, reading can help me to learn more vocabulary and correct grammar. I will review the important parts in the book after reading for the first time. Secondly, reading can broaden my knowledge around the world. Finally, reading can take me to a completely different environment/universe that I have never thought of. In sum, reading is an interesting and entertaining hobby.

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    Recently I had been reading Shakespeare's works including Julius Caesar and Hamlet. It's a book with line-for-line translation which enables me to understand the ancient English as well as the famous story.

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