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    To avoid blockage of soil pipes and drains, residents shall

    remind their family members and domestic helper not to

    throw any refuse, leftovers, rags, sanitary towels or other

    insoluble articles into the water closets. It is extremely

    inconsiderate to flush sanitary towels into water closets as

    these towels will block the soil pipes and drains causing great

    inconvenience and hygiene hazards. Residents will be held

    responsible for the repair and all associated cost.

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    In order to avoid clogging with silt the drainage channel, the resident must remind the family member and the servant, cannot the thing which trash, the surplus, the rags, the sanitary napkin or other cannot dissolve pour into sits the restroom. Moreover, not only pours into the sanitary napkin sits the restroom to clog with silt the throat, will cause the resident to be inconvenient and the health problem, will be the moral behavior, the resident cannot be responsible for all services and the related expense.

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