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You are the chairperson of the Planning Club. Prepare a speech to be given in the assembly tomorrow about the opening of Green Yard, a green area for students to rest and plant. You may also take the chance to recruit some new members for the club. Write about 100 words.

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  • John L
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    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Welcome! I am the chairperson of the Planning Club and your host today, [YOUR NAME]. It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you to the opening ceremony for one of our most exciting and proud projects in recent years: "The Green Yard".

    "The Green Yard" has been one of my personal pet projects for many years. It is an area that we designate for our students to use for some much needed R&R and planting. The creation of this green area allows our school to make a bold statement to other schools both locally and abroad. The message we convene is the embracement of a green area where our students can be a part of the global solution to the Earth's deteriorating health. We can lead the world by setting a positive example. The availability of this area will also enhance our students' daily lives and provide a common area for the exchange of ideas.

    To achieve our goals, we are in constant need for new club members. Members of our club help upload our values and bylaws. Without the continual and generous supports from our members, our goals would not be attainable. So, I welcome any one from the audience to come join our cause and let's make the world a better place for everyone, together.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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    Just in-case you're wondering, R&R means:

    Rest and Recuperation


    Rest and Relaxation

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