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1.Why should we employ you ?(admin clerk)

2.If I employ you ,how long are you going to stay here ?

3.How do you think you can contribute to our company ?

4.Can you tell me your job duties you are now responsible for ?

5.What have you achieved in your present job ?


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    Q1.這問題既答法好廣亦都係sell自己既一環... 大多數想知你既能力可否應付 job description 裡面既duties. I had been working in Canada before as an admin support and its responsibilities are phone answering, data entry, general support (including prepare e-mail, reports, quotations, invoices, presentation materials & filing).

    Ans: As a receptionist for the department, I would say that being polite and friendly manner are the critical factors to lead to success. Listen carefully to clients questions and answer them in the most direct way. Apart from receiving phone calls, I also performed some accounts payable which requires me to input data into the accounting system. I am sensitive to numbers to minimize the chance of making mistake. While i receive invoice from vendors, i will sort them out in order so as to file them into appropriate folders.....etc...


    Ans: I am not looking for any resignation since I see there is promotion opprtunity in this job sector. I am always in good shape to fit into this position and to enhance my knowledge to work things out better.


    Ans: You should answer this questions according to your previous job experience and also your education background .... it might be some overlap with question 1 but it's ok ..... dont answer all responsibility in question 1 ... left 1 or 2 point for this and the following quesitons. Remember: Employers spent half hr to interview you and listen from only you. Dont repeat anything that you have previously said.

    Q4.Same .... if Q1 or 3 is asked , he/she will skip this. If not, then answer in the same format.

    Q5.I learnt to listen carefully from manager's direction and to assist her with no doubt. Also I can work with minimal supervision and have my task done sucessfully......(just model answer it's all depends on your experience)

    I am too lazy to write in Chinese... I have been going to 13 interviews last year and finally i get the job. what you need is to practice more .... good luck in job finding and hope it helps :P

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    in Q1 - not "being polite and friendly manner" but "HAVING polite and friendly manner" sorry for my bad grammar ... hahaa~

    資料來源: Copyright from babekewi, myself :) ~
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