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什麼是直述句和轉述句。請give me例子

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    直述句 = Direct Speech

    轉述句 = Reported Speech (May also refer to indirect speech (informal))

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    Direct Speech

    He said," That guy is so cool"

    Reported Speech

    He said that guy was so cool.

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    Direct Speech

    John explained,"It is due to the fact that his psychology inclines to be pessimistic."

    Reported Speech

    John explained that it was due to the fact that his psychology inclined to be pessimistic.

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    Direct Speech

    Usually a Direct Speech has of course speech marks like " ". It is showing as an evidence that a person is talking directly. The person is directly sending out the message to the listeners.

    In such sentences within this " " the tenses are usually be present tenses as the person is currently talking or referring to current issues.

    For an example:

    John said,"The person next to me is picking his nose."

    In this case the person next to John IS picking his nose. This is a current issue as it is happening right now next to John. And therefore John is sending out this message regarding to what he has experienced (seen) directly to whoever the listeners are.

    Reported Speech

    A reported speech is a person translating the others' speech to a third person. In this case that person himself has not experienced that situation. He is translating what the others have told him to the person he is talking to.

    When writing such sentences there will have no speech marks" ". Instead we use a complete sentence. Beware of the tenses, commonly you have to change the present tense into past tense as the action has occurred and ended. You are referring to the past action.

    For an example:

    John said that the person next to him was picking his nose.

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    My teacher said,"You are good." - Direct Speech

    My teacher said that you were good. - Reported Speech

    John murmured,"That is his fault." - Direct Speech

    John murmured that that was his fault. - Reported Speech

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    This site may help you to understand a bit more:

    Click on the Key Stage2 (KS2) and download it. Hope this would be useful for you.

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    直述句 : John said,'I am hungry.'

    轉述句 : John said he was hungry.

    直述句 : Mary said to Ann,'I am not happy.'

    轉述句 : Mary told Ann she was not happy.


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    Direct and Indirect Speech ( 直接敘述和間接敘述 )

    我們要引述別人講過的說話時,有兩個方法 :

    (1) 直接引述別人講過的話話,叫做「直接敍述」

    直述 : John said, “I pick a ripe apple from the tree.”

    (2) 如果間接轉述方法,引述別人講過的話,叫做「間接敍述」

    間述 : John said that he picked a ripe apple from the tree.

    資料來源: 英文文法書