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比25個深的英文Vocab我(me F.2)


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    1. Painstakingly - We pursue it with strategies painstakingly constructed of lies and concealment.

    2. knack - I have a pretty knack for imagery.

    3. quixotic - I did not become a detective on some quixotic quest to solve my childhood mystery.

    4. feral - Humans are feral and ruthless.

    5. Nostalgia - We are all well trained to be horrified by the evils of prejudice, but there are deep stubborn veins of nostalgia for the 1950s.

    6. Rangy - I am with a bony, rangy build that can look lean and elegant if my suit is cut just right.

    7. Osmosis- You learn by osmosis, as soon as you set your sights on the job, that are expected to look professional.

    8. animosity - The spark of animosity this ignited increased my attraction to her.

    9. inexorable - Some of the depressing, inexorable flavour of his life had learked over into his death.

    10. immensely - I stopped falling in love with her and started to like her immensely.

    11. virulent - There were wooden bookshelves crammed with old paperbacks, a low Victorian sofa upholstered ina virulent shade of turquoise.

    12. Mischievous - She gave me a tiny, mischievous smile, as though we were playing draughts.

    13. Flustered - He got all flustered and stammery.

    14. Alchemy - I can't explain the alchemy that transmuted one evening into the equivalent of years held lightly in common.

    15. Tensile - I had pictured a tensile, heightened mode of existence.

    16. leeway - I suppose they figure that anyone who has the enterprise to dig down more than nine feet without getting spotted deserves a little leeway for sheer dedication.

    17. Morphs - The news always morphs into a migraine blur of identical sociopath-eyed politicans mouthing meaningless white noise.

    18. Irritatingly - It was irritatingly coy, all sun and skidding clouds and jack-knifing breeze, ready at any second to make an effortless leap into bucketing rain or blazing sun or both.

    19. Fleeting glimpse - I had a fleeting glimpse of a bunch of people crowded around a bare table.

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    20. Gyroscopic - They have a kind of gyroscopic certainty that makes me feel bumbling.

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    21. Incredulous - He stared at me, giving it an impressive level of incredulous disgust.

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    22. Salacious - It would only lead to endless salacious questioning about my nonexistent memories.

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    23. Vivid - I still have vivid, disturbing memories of being questioned the first time round.

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    24. Absurd - I had an absurd impluse to explain my accent and inform him that I was not only Chinese but from just around the corner, so there.

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    25. Sullen - It frightens me into sullen, uncooperative edginess.