anne frank remembered這記錄片是說甚麼的

anne frank remembered這記錄片是說甚麼的

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    i don't remember there was such a movie called Anne Frank

    Remembered, but i do remember that there's a movie called The

    Diary of Anne Frank. the movie tells the story of Anne turning from a ordinary school girl to one of the Jews who's been sent in the

    Concentration camps, by the order of Hitler, and, like many Jews,

    died. the only survivor in the family of Anne (her father Otto, her

    mother Edith, her sister Margot, and her) was her father Otto. Anne

    died a few days later after her sister Margot died in the Concentration

    camp, and her mother Edith died because of starvation. it was really

    sad, though, but i think it's really important for all of us, to understand

    the history in World War 2... i also hope you can read the actual book

    by Anne, it's very good.

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