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I am a under-graduate student currently studying Finanical economics in university of leicester. I am just wondering if I graduate with a second upper hons. What kind of job am I able to apply to?? and what is the usual starting salary.


sorry...i m thinking of working in uk for two years. then i will go bk to hk. Also except investment banker...wt kind of job have a good future.

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  • Anchel
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    1 十年前

    You can try to apply for analyst (e.g.: fixed income, wealth management, real estate etc.), marketer and trader etc. Of course, some famous i-bank only recruit graduates from top universities. Ibank don't want bookworms, so besides excellent academic record (2nd upper is okay, but some need 1st hons), they look for candidnates with excellent English and/or other languages, strong presentation skills, good international insights, participate in exchange, leadership in ECA and case competition, analytical mind and critical thinking. Excellent network would be an advantage, especially applying for positions like marketer and trader, as you have to sell investment plans and maintain relationship with clients and, of course, help them earning money.

    In 2007 before financial tsunami, some ibank offered HK$30,000 monthly salary, excluding bonus. Financial tsunami has a extremely big impact to i-banks. Some fired almost all new hires before. In reducing expenses, ibanks may reduce starting salary, recruit fewer fresh grads than before, or even do not hire any fresh grads.

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    Future is difficult to tell. Several years ago in Hong Kong, everybody see i-bank has a good future because of many IPO, M&A, underwriting activities and very active stock market.

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    Everything has changed now, many ibanks suffered great loss and, thus, fire and stop employ (and even cancel offer) people to cut expenses. In short term, ibank's future is not good.

    2009-02-05 11:19:12 補充:

    Many years later, ibank may be good again, but after financial tsunami, ibank may have large reconstruction on everything (e.g. human resources).

    I don't know i-banks in UK, but the situation in UK is not very good as UK's economic is heavily depends on finance industry.

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  • Gary
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    1 十年前

    Where do you want to work (Hong Kong, United Kingdom, or else? Without knowing that it will be difficult to give you an estimate.

    2009-02-06 11:19:53 補充:

    It really depends on when will you graduate because currently investment bank do not hire people because of nationalisation and bail out. In order to survive, they must terminate some personnel. So there are not many opportunities now.

    2009-02-06 11:19:59 補充:

    In your case, you should try to work for consultant firm as they are not that impacted. Also, you can continue to study.